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Antigua GuatemalaAntigua (or Antigua Guatemala), South City from Guatemala, capital of Sacatepéquez Department near of Guatemala City, Central America.


Antigua Guatemala, beautiful Colonial City where the time is halt, Funded in March 10 of 1543 on the Valle de Panchoy by the Spanish Francisco de la Cueva; ware build for to be seat of Guatemala Kingdom, includes Centroamerica, Chiapas and Tabasco.







 More that 450-year, Antigua keep architectonics characters of the cities that shoot up in the Hispanic America in XVI century and keep the magic that mix the Spanish and native culture.


Antigua is a colonial jewel of the New World that save the image from a typical Spanish city from XVII century.


Although Antigua was not as opulent an wealthy as Mexico City or Lima, it was one of the most beautiful cities in the Spanish World. All yours builds, walls, history convert to Antigua Guatemala to the third World's Principal City.


I invite you to know and to visit Antigua Guatemala one of much beautiful place of Guatemala.


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 31.800 habitants. aprox.


Antigua Guatemala, was declared by UNESCO "Cultural And Natural World's Patrimonial Monumental", Antigua is center of colonial glazed ceramics, objects of wood, candies, and natives dress, that you can get in countries natives like: San Felipe, Santa Maria de Jesus, San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

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