The history of Santa Clara and the order of the Claristas nuns date back to 1695.

The license for its establishment was obtained trough mediation of the Franciscan monk in the city.


Founded by six nuns who came from Puebla, Mexico, the funds necessary for the establishment and maintenance of the nuns were provided through donation of local people, One of these was a widow who also gave her home, which served as a temporary residence for the nuns.



Only bibliographic references remain of the original church and convent, since they were both destroyed in the earthquake of 1717.

The second church and convent were built from 1723 to 1734.


The convent, a large cloister surrounded by a two-storied arcade, had cells for 46 nuns, a hospital with room for convalescing patients, a place for the novices, a sacristy, a dining room, kitchen, and even a ward for insane nuns.



The earthquake of 1773 left Santa Clara practically in ruins for the second time, nevertheless the south side of the church, with intricate decoration in molded plaster, is one of the most interesting and well preserved in Antigua Guatemala. 










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