In 1618, the plot of land that is occupied by the Temple Del Calvary was donated to the members of the Third Order of San Francisco.


Its members not only took charge personally of raising funds among the people for its construction, but they also cut the wood, made the adobe blocks, etc. Many honorable citizens followed this Example. Inaugurated in 1655, it was destroyed 62 years later by the earthquake of 1717


ts reconstruction, which is mostly what we see today, lasted three years and was financed personally by the then president of the Audience or Royal government.

The last chapel or Station of the Cross-of the Calvary is found inside its courtyard. During the traditional celebrations of Holy Week in Antigua a procession begins in the Church of San Francisco, continuing along the poplar grove that leads to the Calvary Church

Painting by Antonio Montufar and Tomas Merlo, as well as two magnificent sculptures, may still be seen inside the church.




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