Consecrated in 1736, Capuchinas was the last convent founded in Santiago, for the first time in the history of the city, no dowry was required, a practice, which had prevented under privileged girls from entering the religious orders.



Capuchinas is a magnificent example of an eighteenth century convent.



The first level, with short and flat columns, shown a consciousness to construct with earthquakes in mind. It was the second floor, with wood and tile roofs, which suffered the most damage during the earthquake of 1751 and 1773.


Occupied by 28 nuns, the convent had many rooms, large courtyard, garden, orchards, and fountains.



It had the only circular cloister known to exist in America and Europe, sometimes called Novices Tower of Tower of Retreat.

This cloister, surrounded by 18 cells, lies over a barrel vault supported by a massive central column about 3 meters in diameter.


A remarkable characteristic of this part of the convent was a complex plumbing system that supplied running water to each cell. 

Scholars have not agreed as to the function of these cells, especially since the nuns already had their rooms on the second floor of the convent, but their presence has led to different theories as well as to popular and imaginative tales.





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